Pantene Head-to-Head Hair Challenge

Now for a quick press update. Remember this Instagram? A few months back I was honored to serve as Glamour’s style ambassador for Pantene’s Head-to-Head Hair Challenge against two amazing ladies from Lucky and Teen Vogue. We each gave step-by-step tutorials on how to re-create our magazine’s take on a popular hair trend, and both videos are below.

The two styles I’m wearing are personal favorites (if you keep up with my blog, you know I’m all about garland braids and dramatic side parts). They’re also great in the summer when hair is damp from swimming or needs to be swept back for nights out. Enjoy!

The Garland Braid

The Dramatic Side Part

For more examples of garland braids on my blog, click here and here.

For more examples of dramatic side parts on my blog, click here and here.

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