Summer Stripes

Nila Anthony 'Virtual Reality' Clutch Spitfire 50mm Optical Glasses Wilfred Free 'Binx' Tank Topshop Chambray Dolphin Shorts J.Crew Metallic Canvas Baseball Cap Nike Air Max Thea Image Map

I love having super comfy essentials to mix and match on the weekend (and to be honest, most weekdays too). The Nike sneakers bottom left are the coolest shoe ever. They look great with shorts, exercise leggings and everything in between. I wear them constantly to run errands, but a muted sneaker can also look super chic with a cute dress or pair of cutoffs.

I’ve had my eye on the J.Crew metallic baseball cap top left for a while now, and this casual outfit was the perfect excuse to feature it. As mentioned, I’m loving hats lately, and this will definitely be the next addition to my collection.

As always, click on each item directly to shop and have such a happy weekend!

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