Studded Satchel

You know when you’re browsing a store and have an Oprah Ah Ha! moment? That’s what happened when I came across this Nila Anthony Studded Satchel in Nordstrom last week. The geometric design was stunning—very downtown art deco if that makes sense—and the sleek vegan leather drew me in with the kind of determination typically reserved for Alex Wang shoe displays.

Nila Anthony Studded Satchel

This bag is a gem for two reasons: it’s affordable—only $72but it looks like it set you back a million bucks. The the kind of obscure, logo-less accessory that will make people wonder, Where did she get that and how much did it cost?! because they won’t instantly identify the designer.

Accessories make an outfit, and this studded satchel will work harder than the Kardashian family for you—fitting in just as easily during the day as it would at night and converting from a crossbody to a clutch on site. Having that kind of versatility in one item is amazing, which is why I had to spotlight it on the blog today.

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