FE New York

Fantas Eyes Round Mirrored Aviator Sunglasses

FE New York Round Mirrored Sunglasses

I wanted to spotlight a fun, insanely affordable sunglass brand on the blog today: FE a.k.a Fantas-Eyes. Sunglasses are my obsession because they can immediately change an outfit’s tone.

Avoid buyer’s regret by investing in that designer pair every once in a while—like the Stella McCartney’s I keep stealing from my sister that I wish I bought first myself—but isn’t it fun to have a chic, cheap pair you don’t have to keep tabs on as much in the endless oblivion that is your purse?

Check out FE’s designs sold at Nordstrom here (the most expensive pair will run you a mere $22, and the quality is fantastic for such a low price point). Besides the mirrored, Lennon-esque sunnies featured above that I shot for the blog yesterday, I love these, these and these.

Also found this retro pair on sale for only $12.

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