This is one of my favorite Friday ‘What I Want’ collages ever. I don’t know what it is about this outfit—the line it toes between winter and spring, the pattern of the jacket playing off the jacquard miniskirt, or the backpack that could be straight out of Cher Horowitz’s rotating closet—but I feel like it sums up my personal style.

COLLECTION by John Lewis 'Gia' Backpack Jarin K Emerald Cut Stud Earrings Tildon 55mm Clear Cat Eye Sunglasses UNIQLO Rayon Long-Sleeve Blouse Topshop Jacquard Miniskirt Topshop Windowpane Boyfriend Blazer Zara High Heeled Platform Ankle Boot Lime Crime 'Coquette' Opaque Lipstick Image Map

The windowpane blazer is a sick wardrobe staple all its own. I’m also drawn to clear sunnies lately and love the pair top right by Tildon (only $34!).

This isn’t the first time Lime Crime’s ‘Coquette’ lipstick has shown up on LJ (check out this gift guide from the holidays). I’m a huge fan of the opaque tan color (it’s the perfect neutral shade tied with Bite Beauty’s ‘Honey Berry’ lip pencil).

As a side note, I have so many outfits I’ve been wanting to shoot, but it’s been too effing cold! The weather’s supposed to come out of single digits over the next few days—yay?—and I promise I’ll get back to Thursday outfit posts as usual next week.

Just click on each item directly to shop! Happy weekend, beauties!

The Cigar Band

My obsession with stacked gold rings will never waver (despite being engaged!), and the newest addition to my collection is the Madewell cigar band below center.

There’s something timeless about this thick design—the accessory equivalent of a cozy vintage cardigan your grandfather would have worn. It stands out just enough to be the perfect default if you don’t feel like picking any other jewelry.

Madewell Gold Cigar Band Ring

I haven’t stopped plucking it out of my accessory tray (which is also Madewell and on sale!), so I had to share it. And this ring is brushed metal, meaning no matter how much you bang, scratch or tap it, it’ll stay as pristine as the day you purchased it. Click here to check it out—it’s only $18!

As a sidenote, I’m wearing RBG’s Oxblood on my nails. By far my favorite deep red for winter.

Happy Wednesday!